Climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Dec’15

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My two cents from the Kilimanjaro climb in Dec’15.

Which Tour Operator

Read this article to have a general idea
+ African Walking Company: no website, need to book through agent?
+ Zara
+ Team Kilimanjaro
+ Climbkili  –> Lemosho 8-day: USD 2,490 (include airport transport)
+ Climbmountkilimanjaro –> Lemosho 8-day: USD 2,871 (include airport transport)
+ Peak Planet –> Group 4-6, Lemosho 9-day: USD 2,895 (no airport transport)
+ Ultimatekilimanjaro –> Lemosho 8-day, privte, 4pax+: USD 3,000

After reading TripAdvisor comments and some email inquiries, I decided to go with Tro-Peaks. Total fee quoted for me (one person going 8-day Lemosho route in December 2015) is USD 1,820. Tour details are attached here KiliTour_Lemosho_2015.

My experience with Tro-Peaks has been positive. They are responsive in replying my emails and WhatsApp before I book the tour. The guide is experienced. The supporting crew is efficient. The whole team is extremely friendly. Food is good. Hotel is okay (bad wifi and sudden electric cuts, but nice room, good bar and friendly staff). Overall I am safe and sound, and quite happy about this first experience in Africa.

On the trip I met other groups going with other different companies. Things looked very well taken cared of, too. I think in general, the services provided by different companies are mostly the same, no big difference.

If you’d like to talk to Tro-Peaks, here are the contacts.

Note: Before booking the tour, please get all clarifications in writing.

+ What is the itinerary.
+ What the fee includes and excludes.
+ How many people the supporting crew will be. If possible, what is the tipping expectation.
+ How much is the rent in case you need to rent camping/climbing stuff.

Just Total How Much Money

Click to download Excel file

This excludes cost of personal items (hiking shoes, jacket, etc.)


Lemosho Route

Read about different routes here

I chose Lemosho route as it’s seen as an average in terms of difficulty while the scenery is not sacrificed. It is a good choice for me.

I’m a beginner who doesn’t exercise or prepare for the trip physically. I reached Uhuru Peak at around 8:30am (starting at around 3:30am), all smiling. However on the way down I needed help from the guide as there were many parts I was exhausted, almost could not stand on my own legs. Gladly after some rest I could walk on.

I would say this route is doable for beginners. You will get there.

Visa to Tanzania

It is easy to apply for Tanzania visa at arrival. I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport >> fill in a form >> submit USD 50 >> queue >> done. No question asked.

I transit in Nairobi, Kenya. I didn’t get out of the airport and hence didn’t need a Kenya visa.

Air Tickets

I search using skyscanner.

It is cheaper to go from Kuala Lumpur than from Singapore. To save money, I decide to fly to Kuala Lumpur first.

My flights:  Changi (Singapore) –> Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) –> Bangkok (Thailand) –> Nairobi (Kenya) –> Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). This is 5 countries in 2 days. Quite tired but .. surviving.

Return route is similar: Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) –> Nairobi (Kenya) –> Bangkok (Thailand) –> Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) –> Changi (Singapore).

As shown in the fee table above, my total cost for air tickets is USD 1,088.


Travel Insurance that Covers Mountain Trekking

Turns out when I booked the flights using OCBC 365 credit card, I automatically have its complementary travel insurance. However coverage is limited. I decided to buy an additional insurance with AIG.

Things to Bring

What I put in my daily pack: Water, hat, sunscreen, jacket, tissue, raincoat, camera.

Notes on Clothing

I went from 21 Dec 15 to 31 Dec 15.

Non-summit Days: generally it’s below 10 Celsius degree during early morning and late afternoon. It is warmer during the day.

+ Head: beanie
+ Top: 1-2-3 layers = pullover + fleece jacket + wind breaker. Layer up or down depending on the weather.
+ Bottom: 1 layer

Summit Day:
+ Head: beanie
+ Top: 5 layers = 1 base + 2 long-sleeve pullovers + 1 fleece jacket + 1 wind breaker
+ Bottom: 4 layers = 1 base +  legging + 2 trekking pants
+ Feet: 1 pair of thick wool socks
+ 2 pairs of gloves

Electrical Socket

Same as Singapore.


What I would do differently

  • Bring better gloves. I learn that my hands get cold easily.
  • Bring medicated oil
  • Bring lip balm

What I’m glad I did

  • I bring a trekking hat, a box of disposable face masks, Panadol, Vitamin C, sunscreen, a small mirror.
  • I ended the trekking one day earlier. It was supposed to be 8 days, we shortened it to 7 days. The day was used to go around Moshi town.

Good references


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