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[…] I don’t need to ask your age because your letter is suffused with the raw emotional vulnerability of youth and sent me spiraling back to my own similarly painful early romances. I recognised immediately that unhappy tendency to set your personal value by the object of your affections and the awful self-destructive insecurity that ensues when a relationship goes awry.

What you don’t realise when you are young and raw, not a hardened old walnut like myself, is that love is wholly irrational so attaching any level of our self-worth or self-image to the reflection we get from a lover is a big mistake. Ironically, the happiest relationships you’ll experience are when you know absolutely that you can survive without your partner, but remain together as a choice. Setting up home with someone you imagine you can’t live without puts way too much pressure on your partner and your partnership, and creates a state of dependence that is never conducive to happiness.

I’m not sure if the pig-headed young woman I once was would have wasted a second listening to some old self-invented sage telling me that love makes monkeys of us all, that the more we cling to it the faster it slips away and that the best relationships are based on kindness and respect and a wholehearted desire to make the union work despite the many great obstacles arraigned against that eventuality […]


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Melodies of Life (Emiko Shiratori)

I was wandering without a destination
I continued to search without any clues
Making the memories you gave to me
into a song to heal my heart

The days when, without making any promises,
without exchanging words or consciously deciding,
you embraced me and sought me out;
those days will never return

The you who touches my hand within my memories
can still call out my name

Change those flowing tears
into shining courage
Life goes on,
continuing beyond the night
into a tomorrow which has never been doubted.

I wonder how many memories have been left
to the sky beyond the flying birds
while forgetting even fleeting hopes and dreams
in an unreachable place

How can you say that happening upon each other was a coincidence,
even when the time for us to part will surely come?

Even though I am fated to fade away,
as long as you are alive
life will go on
for eternity;
all the way to the limits of that strength.

Even if I were to die,
as long as you are alive,
life will go on
for eternity;
all the way to the limits of that strength

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Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

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Taekwondonomics Invitational Championships 06 Sep @ One KM Mall.

I got three golds. Reason: I’m the only one in my category. Translation: Hard to find such old girls learning such basic steps  :-D.

It is a great experience. Got to see powerful and beautiful performances. Must say I’m inspired to work for more!


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