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Buy Kindle on Amazon from Singapore


When searching for ways to buy Kindle directly from Amazon, I find these two blogs very helpful:

I could not visit the first one today! Blogspot says it no longer exists. Perhaps it is deleted by the owner, Desmond?

As I have just bought my Kindle from the way shown by him (thank you), I decide to write down the steps, in case me or my friends wanna reference it later.


* Method:

  • Register with a courier to have an US address (I use vPost a few times and am happy so far)
  • Go to Amazon website, order Kindle, ship it to US address
  • Courier will receive the package in US and ship it to Singapore
  • You need to pay shipping fee from Amazon to US address (if applicable) and from US address to Singapore

* How much does everything cost?

  • Kindle 3 wifi: 139 USD
  • vPost: ~24 SGD

* How long does it take?

  • Amazon to deliver to vPost US address: 1-2 days
  • vPost to deliver to Singapore: 1 week

* Principle in ordering on Amazon from Singapore:

Do not reveal your credit/debit card number to Amazon as it doesn’t accept cards from Singapore.

Note: I just assume this from reading around, it may be incorrect.

* How to not reveal your card info?

(1) Use 1 Amazon account:

  • Use credit/debit card to buy gift card and send to your own account
  • Delete debit/credit card info in your account
  • Buy Kindle with gift card

(2) Use 2 independent Amazon accounts:

  • Log in with Account 1, use credit/debit card info to buy gift card –> send gift card to Account 2 –> Log in with Account 2, use gift card to buy Kindle & ebooks
  • Since these 2 are not related, no need to delete credit/debit card info in Account 1

* Exactly what are the steps?

This is what I did. May look ‘horrible’ but it is quite fast. I use OCBC credit card and follow “2 Amazon accounts” guide.





Summary (1) (normal gmail account)

(2) (newly created for Kindle account)

(1) with Singapore address, credit/debit card info. I use this to buy giftcard.

(2) with US address, money from gift card. I use this to buy Kindle & ebooks.

There are a few to choose from. I use vPOST.
1 Register Amazon account using your current Gmail
2 Register a new account with Gmail
3 Register new Amazon account using
4 Log in with, buy gift card with credit/debit card, send giftcard to
5 Log in to get gift card Code
6 Log in with, apply gift card Code.
7 Register with vPost to have your US address
8 Log in with, shop with gift card money, ship to US address vPOST gives you.
9 – Track your packages at their website
– Pay & wait.
(Updated on 24 April 2011)

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