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Chicken curry, as promised


On the way

Ready to eat

Thanks to this

It was yummy!

~ Thank you ~

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Tue 26 Apr 2011

My beer

Waiting for taxi

Midnight karaoke

Eating and drinking at Charlie’s Corner (Changi Village). Karaoke till 1am at KBox (ehub).

A Lan, A Chau, Nhan, Dung, Huy, Ngu, be Hien. This is to remember we had a great time!

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Black Valentine (from OCBC Teller April ’11)

Ever heard of Black Valentine’s or “Black Day”?

Before we can make sense of Black Day, let’s understand how the Japanese and Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The best-known Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14, is meant for ladies to present gifts to men out of love. These gifts, which are usually chocolates, are divided into three categories: girl chocolate, hand-made chocolate and tomo (which means ‘friends’ in Japanese) chocolate. Girl chocolates are obligatory gifts given to male colleagues or friends. Handmade chocolates are given to a love interest or a good-looking guy. Tomo chocolates are given to female friends.

Then in the following month, March 14 is known as White Valentine’s or “White Day”. This is the day when the men who received the chocolates from the ladies return the favours. In line with the colour theme, the gifts usually come in white boxes. Men often give the ladies expensive white chocolates, cookies, candies, marshmallows and jewellery. And ‘expensive’ means three times more expensive than the gift given by the female.

Finally comes Black Valentine’s in April. Who qualifies to celebrate it? Anyone who is single or who did not receive gifts on either the original Valentine’s Day or White Day. Typically, single men and women get together to eat noodles with black bean sauce. There are different explanations for the creation of Black Day. Some feel that it is a day when men and women who are proud to be single celebrate their “singledom”. Others say it is a way of mocking the unattached. Still others think that it is an opportunity to meet their prospective or future partner so that next year, he or she won’t be celebrating Black Day anymore.

OCBC Teller April edition

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Cây con

Đợt này ngồi gần cửa sổ, thành ra hai cây con được hóng ánh sáng mặt trời. Cũng hay, sau hơn sáu tháng ‘tối tăm’, mấy cái thân nhỏ xíu, ỉu xìu giờ cũng ráng mọc ra mấy cái lá non, đụng vô là rụng, nhưng không ai phá đám thì cũng lớn dần lên, hướng cả thân về phía ngoài cửa kính.

Bận sau xin hứa dù ngồi ở đâu cũng sẽ ‘đưa em đến gần mặt trời’, đừng ngỏm sớm nhe.

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Buy Kindle on Amazon from Singapore


When searching for ways to buy Kindle directly from Amazon, I find these two blogs very helpful:

I could not visit the first one today! Blogspot says it no longer exists. Perhaps it is deleted by the owner, Desmond?

As I have just bought my Kindle from the way shown by him (thank you), I decide to write down the steps, in case me or my friends wanna reference it later.


* Method:

  • Register with a courier to have an US address (I use vPost a few times and am happy so far)
  • Go to Amazon website, order Kindle, ship it to US address
  • Courier will receive the package in US and ship it to Singapore
  • You need to pay shipping fee from Amazon to US address (if applicable) and from US address to Singapore

* How much does everything cost?

  • Kindle 3 wifi: 139 USD
  • vPost: ~24 SGD

* How long does it take?

  • Amazon to deliver to vPost US address: 1-2 days
  • vPost to deliver to Singapore: 1 week

* Principle in ordering on Amazon from Singapore:

Do not reveal your credit/debit card number to Amazon as it doesn’t accept cards from Singapore.

Note: I just assume this from reading around, it may be incorrect.

* How to not reveal your card info?

(1) Use 1 Amazon account:

  • Use credit/debit card to buy gift card and send to your own account
  • Delete debit/credit card info in your account
  • Buy Kindle with gift card

(2) Use 2 independent Amazon accounts:

  • Log in with Account 1, use credit/debit card info to buy gift card –> send gift card to Account 2 –> Log in with Account 2, use gift card to buy Kindle & ebooks
  • Since these 2 are not related, no need to delete credit/debit card info in Account 1

* Exactly what are the steps?

This is what I did. May look ‘horrible’ but it is quite fast. I use OCBC credit card and follow “2 Amazon accounts” guide.





Summary (1) (normal gmail account)

(2) (newly created for Kindle account)

(1) with Singapore address, credit/debit card info. I use this to buy giftcard.

(2) with US address, money from gift card. I use this to buy Kindle & ebooks.

There are a few to choose from. I use vPOST.
1 Register Amazon account using your current Gmail
2 Register a new account with Gmail
3 Register new Amazon account using
4 Log in with, buy gift card with credit/debit card, send giftcard to
5 Log in to get gift card Code
6 Log in with, apply gift card Code.
7 Register with vPost to have your US address
8 Log in with, shop with gift card money, ship to US address vPOST gives you.
9 – Track your packages at their website
– Pay & wait.
(Updated on 24 April 2011)

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