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26 January, 2011 at 10:14 am Leave a comment

I borrowed this book from the library, hard cover. So far this is literally the biggest one I have ‘touched’. Heavyy.

Every 2 pages tells about one country in the world, usually 1 page full of pictures, the other its information. They have one item called “In a word” where they choose 1 word/phrase to kinda tell you something about the place. In most countries the greeting word is selected.

I quickly jumped to Vietnam to see what they pick. And?

“Troi oi” (Oh my!)

Hm, wanna say that word when I saw it. Though it’s not a bad choice, I don’t think it’s a good one… If I were to choose, perhaps “Khoe khong”. Doesn’t sound good either :D.

Reminding me I once thought of the word I love the most. It’s “thuong”.

Also flipped to Singapore to see ‘the word’. And, to my surprise, ‘Kiasu’ o_o.

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