VBA script to list users/groups in AD

5 January, 2011 at 9:00 pm Leave a comment

Script 1: Drop down list having all groups -> Pick one group -> List all users (Con: skip groups)

Script 2: Enter group name -> List all users/groups (Con: have to enter group name)

What I did: copy those 2 above, edit here and there. Now: drop down list having all groups -> pick one group -> list all users and groups in 1 excel file (Name, ID, Department, Type (User/Group), Email).

Not known if it’s correct :D. And there are bugs. Anyway I’m happy today hic hic. Many thanks to those who wrote (1) and (2).

More reference:

(1) DocumentGroups.vbs by Richard L. Mueller: Outputs group name, type of group, all members, and types of member, Lists all groups that are members, but does not list the nested group membership. Run at cmd.

(2) Mr Robeto Group Editor: Soft that lists all groups, then all members (users/groups) of a chosen group

(3) WiseSoft_Groups_And_Group_Members_Report.csv: Lists all groups and members (user/group) into excel, with other info (“””Group Type””,””Group””,””Group Path””,””Member Type””,””Member””,””Member Path”””)

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