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Best movie moment

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Nice memory

WOW Me Training Session with Ms Irene Teo at TC2, level 8, 22 July 2010.

1 queen, 3 princesses with 23 kind, smart, young and handsome princes. WOW! Hehehehehe.

(And I just have one of the best bus rides home today. Thank you.)

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Johnny the Bagger – by Ken Blanchard & Barbara Glance

A few years ago I was hired by a large Supermarket chain to lead a customer service program – to build customer loyalty. During my speech I said, “Every one of you can make a difference and create memories for your customers that will motivate them to come back.” How? Put your personal signature on the job. Think about something you can do for your customer to make them feel special – a memory that will make them come back.

About a month after I had spoken I received a phone call from a 19 year old bagger names Johnny. He proudly informed me he was a down syndrome individual and told me his story.

“I liked what you talked about,” he said, “but at first I didn’t think I could do anything special for our customers.”

“After all I’m just a bagger. Then I had an Idea,” Johnny said.“Every night after work, I’d come home and find a thought for the day. If I can’t find a saying I like,” he added, “I’d just think one up.”

When Johnny had a good thought for the day, his dad helped him set it up on the computer and print multiple copies. Johnny cut out each quote and signed the back. Then he’d bring them to work the next day.

“When I finish bagging someone’s grociers, I put my thought for the day in their bag and say, thanks for shopping with us.”

It touched me to think that this young man – with a job most people would say is not important – had made it important by creating precious memories for all of his customers. A month later the store manager called me.

“You won’t believe what happened. When I was making my rounds today, I found Johnny’s checkout line was three times longer than anyone else’s.”

“It went all the way down the frozen food aisle. So I quickly announced, ‘we need more cashiers; get more lanes open.’ As I tried to get people to change lanes. But no one would move.

They said, “No that’s OK – we want to be in Johnny’s lane. We want his thought for the day.”

The store manager continued, “It was a joy to watch Johnny delight the customers.”

“I got a lump in my throat when one woman said, ‘I used to shop at your store once a week, but now I come by every time I go by, because I want to get Johnny’s thought for the day.’

A few months later the manager called me again.

“Johnny has transformed our store. Now when the floral department has a broken flower or unused corsage, they find an elderly women or a little girl and pin it on them. Everyone has had a lot of fun creating memories. Our customers are talking about us… they’re coming back and bringing their friends.”

A wonderful spirit of service spread throughout the entire store…all because Johnny’s chose to make a difference.

Johnny’s idea wasn’t nearly as innovative as it was loving. It came from his heart – it was real. That’s what touched the customers, his peers … and those who read this story.

(Text and pic copied  from the internet)

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xuyến chi

hôm qua em đi ngang một vùng đất trống mọc rất nhiều xuyến chi. loài cúc dại này đi vòng vòng ra khỏi khu trung tâm là thấy. không biết tên xuyến chi có nghĩa là gì, hoa có sự tích nào không.

xuyến chi nhỏ như nút áo, thân mảnh dẻ, cánh trắng, nhuỵ vàng. giữa đám lá xác xơ, hoa cũng mỏng manh, im lìm, vẻ đẹp riêng có lẽ đến từ chính sự bình lặng đó. ai thờ ơ được cái màu trắng giản dị, cúi xuống càng gần lại càng thấy dễ thương.

tên mong manh, hoa cũng mong manh, xuyến chi đẹp nhất cứ nở dọc làm mềm những bờ cỏ hoang như thế.

một ngày bắt gặp, em nhớ mình dường như còn nợ, những bài viết về hoa, những hạnh phúc ở cuối đường xa, những nồng nàn em tự nhủ sẽ dành cho mình.

của ngày hôm qua.

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một ngày salad

“chà, ngon quá”, hôm ấy
món salad anh khen
mồng sáu tháng bảy
thành kỷ niệm trong em
một ngày salad

qua mất tiêu ngày 6/7 rồi chứ không sẽ post đúng ngày. đây là bài thơ của nữ thi sĩ Machi Tawara, mình đọc trong quyển sách của thầy Nhật Chiêu thì phải, lâu lâu rồi. lười quá cũng chẳng tìm hiểu gì thêm về ‘hiện tượng salad’ mà tập thơ này tạo ra.

bài thơ dễ thương quá, dễ thương chết mất.

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