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Friday 21-06-2013

Friday 21-06-2013

Three years since my first day at work at OCBC. I’ve completed my bond!

Watched ‘Man of Steel’ at Bugis+ with Viet, Tan, Quoc, Duc, Nga, Dung…

‘Hành lá’? Haha..

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But whether we’re sixteen and feel as if life is about to end or sixty-nine and know it actually soon will, within that ordeal resides the opportunity not just to survive but to thrive—to alter the very way love functions in our lives by becoming stronger for having lost it.

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Don’t Let Me Down – The Beatles, por Diogo Mello (1 ano e 11 meses)

Don’t Let Me Down – The Beatles, por Diogo Mello (1 ano e 11 meses)

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Climb Kota Kinabalu (4,095 m) – June 2013


Pic by Pham Tran Duc & Lee Kah Marn

(1) Physical Condition:

I’m 30 years old, 1.5m tall, 41kg, never climbed a mountain before, never been to a place less than 18 degree Celsius, seldom exercise. I reached the summit at around 5:40am, early enough to watch the sunrise and headed down to Laban Rata in good condition.

Conclusion, it is tiring and painful but totally doable for beginners.

(2) What to bring:

Useful lists by the Pro:

My general travel check list:

(3) Booking

I joined a group of friends who already chose to book with x-trekkers. Everything was quite good. The guides are professional and friendly.

(4) Costs

  • Tour booking with x-trekkers  (4D3N trip Via Ferrata): SGD 620 (hotel, food, transport, climbing fees, guides)
  • Return ticket Singapore – Kita Kinabalu with Air Asia: SGD 197
  • ‘Accessories’ (hiking shoes, windbreaker, etc.) : SGD 200
  • Porter Fee: SGD 5/kg + tips

In total it costs me about SGD 1,000. It is pretty expensive for a 4D-3N trip, partly because I got to buy everything as new (shoes, gloves, windbreaker, etc). I also need a porter’s help to carry my luggage (~10kg)  during up and down climb. It is totally worth it.

(5) Conclusion

I’m completely happy I go for it. The amazing view made up 999% for all the ‘oh god why’ during the climb.

Life is measured by the number of moments that take our breath away? I had a lot of those moments at Mount Kinabalu.

P/S: Pictures?

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