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Mid-autumn night

Đi chơi trung thu với Mr Nội, Thành, Ngọc, và bạn nội. Bắt đầu ở China Point, kết thúc ở Starbuck, Clark Quay.

Không thấy trăng đâu :(. Nhưng được ăn một cái bánh trung thu ‘made in VN’ bự chắc cũng cỡ mặt trăng.

Một bài của ông Basho nè.

An autumn night
don’t think your life
didn’t matter.

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Melaka trip

28-29 Aug 2010 @ Melaka, Malaysia with VN2020 Guitar Club.

A memorial trip. Chicken rice. Stone buildings. Blue sky. Cheap hostel. Street dance. Midnite Heineiken by the river. Melaka curry powder haha. Peaceful. Simple.

I wanted to forget something. I came back getting it more. The best way to answer ‘big’ questions is to drop them, isn’t it.

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Buy books online

I just bought two books from SecondHand Books Singapore and another three from OpenTrolley Singapore. The process is fast, simple, and just great.

It’s the first time I buy non-textbooks here :D.

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Origin of some common English words

~ Origin of some common English words ~

Cool and funny.

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Welcome to my table.

I bought a 1.5TB Western Digital HDD at Comex – Suntec City today. It looks hot.

And I feel great. Mostly not because of the disk, but how I got it.

A long walk that feels so short. A look in a crazy crowd. A surprising saying.

And a feeling I am living in a movie. At that moment, I was really living my dream.

~ Happy ~ Happy ~ Happy ~

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